About Us

Putting the pieces together

Si means Social Impact 

Community work is a passion I have always shared. I can remember my High school years being one of the founders of our first foundation. At that time in my life, I remember having so many obstacles in front of me but it somehow brought me so much joy to be a part of the Student support foundation. Hearing the stories of other kids and how we can make an impact and help them in their time of need really warmed my heart. To see me a decade (or 2 ) later. Still desiring to create impact, I know I am in purpose.

Community Relations

It has always been a desire to see Businesses and Communities thrive together no better way than Collaboration to make this work. When companies think about creating a marketing plan, community relations(outreach) is usually at the bottom of their list. Now more than ever companies are realizing the need to be at the top! Don't wait until bad media wrecks your brand. Start establishing credibility and building trust. Whether you have never thought of community relations as an avenue for profit or you don't know where to start. Let us help!


I have spent over 6 years in the Non-profit space, learning about the issues of my community, while working with business leaders who had the desire to see change but didn't understand where the best use of their funds was, through networking and a lot of research I have been able to help Non-profits find the companies that align the most with them. After years of Fundraising for Non-profits, I decided to pivot to Consulting. I find that no one can advocate for their organization better than their board, staff, and team. By providing Consulting services, I can help Non-profits stay accountable to their goals and be that sound voice to help them navigate the waters of Fundraising.

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Our Work

Here at Si Events & Programs, we pride ourselves in our execution. We start with the end in mind. Striving to bring a spirit of excellence to your vision.