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Community Initiatives

With every Community Initiative or Non-profit we come in contact with, we strive to expand your reach and provide you with the impact you desire. Your work needs more than just donors but, dedication and collaboration.

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 As active members of your community, we excel in creating events with meaning and substance that starts with a vision and end by making a difference.

When you consider your next arrangements for social impact, do so in tandem with the opportunity to create a memorable day of service for your community.


Our Let's Initiate package, allows us to work with your organization to collaborate or partner with other organizations who share the same culture and core values. This package is perfect for any Non-Profit looking to create a smaller-scale event of fewer than 30 ppl. ex. walks, breakfast or lunch meetings.


We are the Event package allows our team to plan an event for your community or Non-profit from start to finish. We plan the event from start to finish. we help find sponsors and we work as a liaison of your organization or non-profit. We provide day-of-event coordination.

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The Works package creates a customized program to fit your needs. If your organization is looking to put together an Annual event, Summer school program, or a 1-week program we can help. Our team works around the clock from start to finish ensuring that your program or event goes smoothly. 

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