We provide Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting


Why should your company be corporately responsible
- Creates brand awareness
- Creates an engaging, loyal, and happy workplace
- Major corporation are investing millions of dollars into CSR (why aren't you?)
- Positive Public attention
- Creates loyal customers
- Helps set company culture
- and the list goes on.....


Marketing Company

Cause Marketing plan

Creating community awareness of your company and brand, that will not only create possible revenue streams but allow your clientele to know they are doing business with an organization that cares for the community.

Social Cause planning

We allow our clients to take a front seat in their giveback. Whether you are looking to have a community giveaway or want to be apart of sponsorship opportunities that align with your companies vision and mission, we got you covered.

Employee Engagement
Creating opportunities for employees to volunteer and giveback. Our Employee Engagement allows employees to feel apart of a company that truly has a heart for the community.

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What we provide:
- Digital and Social Media Management and advertising 
- Research and Planning
- Marketing & Communication
- Partnership and Development

- Branded Marketing materials 
- Campaign planning and implementation
- Analytics and Reporting
- Video Production

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Tina is a focused and deadline-driven professional whose creativity is matched with a strong work ethic and excellent time management abilities. She is also a self-starter, which is exemplified by her ability to work independently but also in a team environment. Above all, she is a woman of great integrity and compassion. I can personally attest to Tina’s impressive talents fueled by passion and fostered by an impeccable eye for detail. As President of SI Events, I have had the opportunity to work with her on cause marketing and social impact initiatives in our community. Tina offers a diversified background of experience that consists of operations, client relations and event management. It is my honor to recommend Tina, as I strongly believe any organization would be fortunate to have her talents on board.

Kimberly Devitt, Corkcicle

Tina Nugent is a valuable Partner of Orange County Community Action, Holden Heights Community Center. Her skills lie in bringing stakeholders together to meet a common goal, developing and implementing programs, and evaluation and feedback. Her work ethic, commitment, and organizational skills are impeccable. Most importantly she has a heart of gold. If you are looking for someone to help your organization move to the next level, look no further than Tina Nugent.

Yvette Sheldon, Orange County Community Action