The Full Story

Through my experience in Fundraising, I have seen two problems that stick out most to me, getting the board more hands-on in Fundraising and helping the staff get comfortable with Networking. Seeing this arise in several conversations with Non-profits I decided to create a course that would help solve those problems.


"Fundraising Made Easy

"Fundraising made easy" for Board members, who will learn what kind of Fundraiser they are (or are not). What tools they can use that are best suited for them? It provides current market trends and tips to help them succeed no matter the level of Fundraising they are currently in. This course will meet your board wherever they are and allow them to see the world of Fundraising from a perspective they can understand and be encouraged by.

Networking for your Nonprofit

Networking for Non-profits, As a Fundraising professional, a lot of my job required me to network and do a lot of research. However, networking played a huge part in the connections I made. I am what you call a Network Junkie (Once you take the quiz in my course you will understand). So, to me, networking comes easy. It may not be the same for others, but this course takes a deep dive into really understanding your comfort level when it comes to meeting new donors and how to navigate through that. This course is for any advocate that is on your staff, board, or volunteer to really be able to network and promote your organization in a way that is true to them. Networking for Non-profits is truly a game changer and will help elevate the way you network your non-profit. 


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