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The key to an impactful event is a sincere desire to make a real measurable difference. More often we find our clients have a hard time making time to plan or find the initiatives that they would like to be apart of.

We take on the task of doing just that! So you can focus on what drives your business and we can focus on the impact you want to make.

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What we have to offer

Dare to change

Our dare to change package, allows our clients to collaborate or partner with other organizations who share the same culture and core values. We align our clients with events already in the planning phase or in the funding phase and bring them together to create a meaningful impact in the community. Our clients have the ability with this package to sponsor the event or collaborate in the planning phase of the event.

We are the Impact

We are the impact package allows our clients to create a meaningful experience for their team. connecting our clients with social causes that matter most to them and their employees maximizing employee satisfaction, community involvement, and consumer perception. We create impact whether off or on-site.

Innovation through Impact

Our Innovation through Impact package allows our clients to take the front seat in planning and executing an event or program that is true to the businesses culture and core values. We guide each of our clients, from conception to completion. We help our clients align their companies core values and social impact investment to guide and inform them in the right direction.

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